Saint Anthony Grade School

Grades Pre-K to 6
Winona Martinez, Principal
1627A Mill Street
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793
(808) 244-4976

Val Delasantos-Duarte

This garden program got its start ten years ago with support from a Toshiba grant and has experienced its ebbs and flows along the way. All grade levels participate to a certain extent depending on the teachers. There is a green house and some box gardens along one side of the school. The climate is very arid in this area and the location is at sea level so akia and other types of low rain tolerant hawaiian plants have been put in as a hedge along the classroom building. The greenhouse could use some roof repair and a good community workday could help prepare the gardens for fall planting. Plans are to increase production and use of rainwater barrels to water the plants for the purpose of expanding the garden size and use in the fall of 2012.