Pomaikai Elementary School

Rene Yamafugi, Principal
4650 S. Kamehameha Ave.
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
School Website

Marce Ventura

Pomaikai’s Green Dream School Garden was first established in March of 2011. They enlisted the help of families, students, staff, and outside volunteers along with the Community Work Day program to make the garden a reality. The dream was to provide an outdoor learning space where all students could connect to the outside world. Since the school has been open they have had every class go to the Waihee preserve to do a marine debris clean-up to show how they take care of the island. Their garden connects their students to the land even more. Students use the garden for all kinds of lessons and the Garden Gnome program takes care of the day to day maintenance. Pomaikai has been taking part in the “Garden as the Classroom” series established and taught by Rebekah Kuby and Tricia Calhoon of the Community Work Day program. Classes are taught every Thursday in the garden, and through this program the teachers have been able to expand beyond the garden beds and into a larger planting area beginning with their “food forest” where students planted over 50 fruit trees in the 2011-2012 school year along with beneficial companions, natives, and windbreaks.


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