Lanai School

Grades K-12
Elton Kinoshita, Principal
P.O. Box 630630
Lanai City, Hawaii 96763
(808) 565-7900

Bridgette Beatty
Lisa Gee
Rebekah Kuby


Lanai school garden began in Spring 2012 through Community Work Day. Rebekah Kuby gave a permaculture introduction to 6 classes who have decided to be a part of the garden program. Community Workday and Americorps volunteers remodeled the old greenhouse onsite and replaced old screens and potting tables. They tilled the new garden area and have begun designing the garden to include a chicken-tractor and vertical gardens along the fence line. Rebekah is working with the students to help complete the design by August 2012 when they will be turning in the existing cover crop and beginning to plant the new garden. There are also compost bins now in place and they plan on having composting become part of the science program through showcasing 4 different types of composting techniques. Future goals include

  • Working closely with local growers, farmers and restaurants to create a successful school garden program.
  • To have the support of local experts in 2012 that are able to come to Lanai to teach gardening classes.
  • To have the students engaged in the planning and design phase of the garden with Permaculture Designer Rebekah Kuby.
  • To host Agricultural Entrepreneurship programs and “Garden as the Classroom” teaching series at the school in 2012.