Summer School Garden Workshops

Summer school garden workshops and training for teachers are available through the Hawaii Farm to School and School Garden Network.  They generally last for two days and give more in depth access to school garden learning.  Although they may be off island, there are scholarships available for teachers.  In addition, school garden tours by region […]


Grow Some Good


Grow Some Good offers regular Work & Learn days where teachers, students, volunteers and the public come to learn and care for school gardens. There are monthly work days on the school sites that end up being lots of fun and very educational. Workday are held at Kihei Elementary on 2nd Saturdays at 9:00am-noon. Other […]


Joy of Worms

The Joy of Worms website provides valuable information on vermiculture and composting. The second Saturday of each month, there is a wonderful 90 minute workshop offered to anyone and everyone who is interested in soil amendments and wants to explore the wonderful world of worms, worm castings, and worm tea.  Classes take place at the […]