Summer School Garden Workshops

Summer school garden workshops and training for teachers are available through the Hawaii Farm to School and School Garden Network.  They generally last for two days and give more in depth access to school garden learning.  Although they may be off island, there are scholarships available for teachers.  In addition, school garden tours by region […]


Grow Some Good


Grow Some Good offers regular Work & Learn days where teachers, students, volunteers and the public come to learn and care for school gardens. There are monthly work days on the school sites that end up being lots of fun and very educational. Workday are held at Kihei Elementary on 2nd Saturdays at 9:00am-noon. Other […]


Joy of Worms

The Joy of Worms website provides valuable information on vermiculture and composting. The second Saturday of each month, there is a wonderful 90 minute workshop offered to anyone and everyone who is interested in soil amendments and wants to explore the wonderful world of worms, worm castings, and worm tea.  Classes take place at the […]


Maui School Garden Tour

Scarecrow's Garden at The Maui Farm

What an inspiring day touring thoughtfully created school and family therapy gardens throughout upcountry and central Maui. it’s clear these gardens change lives and, in some cases, save lives. We wandered through curvy paths, felt the cool water from an ‘auwai demo, went on a garden scavenger hunt, learned about soil building, biodynamics, ocean connections […]


Seed Saving: The Cycle of Life… In Real Life

seed saving class at kihei elementary school garden

When teaching life sciences and sustainability with students of any age, seed saving is an essential element that bridges the gap between a text book explanation and real life.  As students experience the full cycle of a plant, from planting the seed to harvesting the seed, the concept of life cycles is experienced more deeply […]


Seed Saving Workshop and Order Your Seeds NOW!

seed cover picture

Now that we are coming to the end of the school year, the question of saving seeds arises. The following are sources can help! (1) Seed Saving Workshop this week, Tuesday evening, May 10, from 6:30-9:00 pm at the Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center Pool Room. Bring overly mature vegetable plants from which to extract […]


We’ve got worms!


Worm composting, or vermiculture, provides students an opportunity to enrich their school garden, both literally and figuratively, and is an easy way to teach students that waste is in the eye of the beholder.  While learning and applying skills that satisfy Hawaii State Academic Standards,  students can study worms and how worm composting turns garbage […]


Gardens for Learning – Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden


Gardens for Learning is a comprehensive guidebook that provides a strong foundation to support the growing school garden movement. It was developed by a team of experienced garden educators, nutritionists, California state officials, and other garden experts.   This guidebook is a must-have resource for anyone looking to enhance learning through the use of gardens […]


What’s Bugging You? Reference Material

Pest and Plant Problem Library

For a good overview of some common garden pest and plant issues check out this  quick reference library of bugs, caterpillars, insects and other plant diseases and problems, courtesy of National Gardening Association. This is easy to use resource can help you quickly identify common plant pests and problems you’re likely to encounter in your […]


Getting Started: A Guide for Creating School Gardens as Outdoor Classrooms


Getting Started is a 51-page guide designed and published by the Center for Ecoliteracy in collaboration with Life Lab Science Program, a national leader in garden-based education.     Among the topics included in this resource guide:   -  Nurturing a child’s curiosity. -  Connecting the garden to the classroom. -  Selecting and preparing a […]