Project Learning Tree Grants

Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is an award-winning national environmental education program for educators and their students in grades PreK-12.  GreenWorks! is the service-learning, community action program of PLT that partners PLT educators, students, and communities in environmental neighborhood improvement projects. GreenWorks! blends service activities with the academic curriculum and addresses real community needs as students “learn by doing.”  GreenWorks! action projects make a difference in young people’s sense of responsibility toward their communities, and in their understanding of their relationship to the environment.  Some examples of past grant projects include habitat restoration, watershed improvement, outdoor classrooms, and energy conservation.

Since 1992, PLT has distributed nearly $1 million to fund 1,000 environmental projects in communities across the country.

Current Grant Opportunities for Project Learning Tree

Grants are available in two award levels: 1) the popular and traditional GreenWorks! grants up to a maximum of $1,000 and 2) GreenWorks! grants up to $3,000 for registered PLT GreenSchools! (free online registration!)

1. Traditional GreenWorks!  Grants
    Deadline: September 30, 2015    Contact: (808) 547-4188

  • The maximum grant award for this level is $1,000
  • Grants must be completed in one year
  • Applicants must have attended a PLT workshop
  • The proposed project must involve service-learning
The proposed project must exemplify student voice
  • The proposed project must involve at least one community partner
  • The proposed project must secure at least 50% matched funds (in-kind acceptable)

2. GreenWorks! Grants for Registered PLT GreenSchools!    Deadline: September 30, 2015    Contact:

  • The maximum grant award for this level is $3,000
  • Applicants must meet all the parameters for traditional GreenWorks! grant funding
  • Applicants must be a school (public or private)
  • Applicants must be registered on the PLT GreenSchools! website (It’s free!)
  • Applicants must have established a Green Team
  • Applicants must have completed one of more of the PLT GreenSchools! Investigations
  • The proposed project must be based on the findings of one or more of the PLT GreenSchools! Investigations

Complete the 2015 PLT GreenWorks! Grant Application Form at


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