Lowes Toolbox for Education

Deadline: Februry 15, 2015 Spring Cycle (As soon as 1500 grant applications have been submitted, the application process will close.

Notification date is mid-April 2015

Funding requests must be from $2,000-$5,000.

3 Simple Steps to Application Success:


  1. Print out and review the Pre-Application Checklist (PDF file). Use the Pre-Application as a guide to collect and compile a Word document that contains your group’s application information. The pre-application checklist includes all of the details you will need to supply as part of your application. When you are ready to submit the application online, you can copy and paste the data from the Word document into the online application.
  2. Develop a project that you would like to complete using funds from a Toolbox for Education grant. Visit the Sample Projects page for ideas and inspiration.
  3. Submit your application. Click the Apply Now button online to get started

*The online application form has a 25-minute time limit, so we recommend that you follow the method described under Step 1 for compiling and submitting the application information. Also, we cannot provide you with a copy of your application once it has been submitted online. Compiling your application data in a Word document will allow you to retain a copy of the application data on your compute

Go to www.toolboxforeducation.com/hta.html


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