Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program

Deadline: October 15, 2014.  Notification of award is February 15, 2015

The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program (SFE) began in 1996 and was named in honor of naturalist and Wild Ones inspirational leader Lorrie Otto, a pioneer in the natural landscaping movement in the United States and on who’s philosophy Wild Ones was founded. SFE annually gives cash awards to places of learning and other organized groups who successfully communicate their vision of creating natural landscapes using native plants for the purpose of educating users of the facility and the community. Applications are judged and winners selected by a volunteer panel of educators and naturalists. SFE Nursery Partners (native plant nurseries and propagators) also donate seeds, plants and guidance to grant recipients.

Many Wild Ones support community efforts to establish or maintain natural areas, and work with local schools, scout groups and other organizations to create butterfly gardens, rainwater gardens, or other projects.

Examples of appropriate projects are:

  • Wildflower gardens with habitat for butterflies or other pollinators
  • Rainwater gardens that capture run-off and feature native plant communities
  • Groves of trees or native shrubs that support birds and other wildlife

Larger-scale projects that may receive funding include:

  • Design, establishment and maintenance of a native-plant community such as prairie, woodland, wetland, etc.
  • Developing and maintaining an interpretive trail landscaped with native plant communities.
  • Developing a wetland area to study the effect of native vegetation on water-quality improvement.

Cash awards range from $100 to $500. Funds are restricted to the purchase of native plants and seed for the grant-award year. Successful projects are eligible for discounts on seeds and plants from SFE Nursery Partners.

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