Agroforestry and Regenerative Agriculture Course

A Course in
Agroforestry and Regenerative Agriculture
Haiku from the April 1-8th

In this course you can expect to learn about agroforestry and permaculture from two very knowledgeable instructors, Sam Knowlton and Mauricio Hoffman. During the week the following topics will be covered:

  • Water Cycles in Forest Systems and Conventional Ag
  • Soil Food Web Roles and Functions
  • Natural Patterns of Succession in Forest System
  • Overview of Biological Soil Amendments/Inoculants
  • Making Biologically Rich Compost – Static, Thermophilic and Vermicompost
  • Compost Tea Technologies
  • Agroforestry Implementation
  • Soil Analysis

Kama aina rates are available, one-day segments will be offered, and some scholarships may be available.
Please make your requests for information and registration to:
Francis Spalluto 808-264-1802

The course is co-sponsored by The Aurora Foundation and The New Enchantment Association for The Preservation of Nature and is intended as an introduction to the visionary, community based work of The Haiku Aina Permaculture Initiative incorporated in September of last year.

Your personal participation and collaboration is sought and welcomed,
Jeffrey Bronfman
President Aurora Foundation
and Co-creator of the Haiku Aina
Permaculture Initiative (H.A.P.I.)

Francis offering trade:
I am very interested in contacting Maui farmers who can supply the food for our meals. This is a homespun course; very “do it yourself” oriented so we are open to barter and trade.


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