Maui School Garden Tour

What an inspiring day touring thoughtfully created school and family therapy gardens throughout upcountry and central Maui. it’s clear these gardens change lives and, in some cases, save lives. We wandered through curvy paths, felt the cool water from an ‘auwai demo, went on a garden scavenger hunt, learned about soil building, biodynamics, ocean connections to gardens, so much more. At the end of the day, we sighed and said ‘yes, more of this please!’


On the tour: Haleakala Waldorf, Montessori School of Maui, The Maui Farm, Haiku Elementary, Pomaika’i Elementary. All amazing examples of educators and mentors returning to nature, teaching in real life ways to live abundantly with respect for ‘aina. AWESOME things growing in our schools for sure!


Mahalo nui loa to the schools and people who inspire them for sharing mana’o, Lehn Huff of Maui School Garden Network and Anne Gachuhi of the Home Gardening Support Network  for bringing us all together!


See you next weekend at the Maui Youth Gardening Workshop, Saturday, Sept. 24.


View the entire slideshow on Flickr!



  1. Kirk:

    Wonderful photos and it was a great day with teachers sharing with teachers. Mahalo to all the schools who participated. Lehn Huff, Maui School Garden Network Coordinator

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