Mahalo Chef Paris Nabavi

Cilantro Grill Maui - Chef Paris Nabavi - Support our Garden Sponsors! We have a generous benefactor, Chef Paris Nabavi who is purchasing organic seeds for schools in the Network this year.  Chef Nabavi is a master chef who specializes in Persian cuisine but works with a variety of cuisines.  He owns two restaurants on the west side, Cilantro Grill at 170 Papalua Street, Lahaina (808-667-5444) and Pizza Paradiso Mediterranean Grill at 3550 Lower Honoapiliani Hwy, Lahaina (808-667-2929). Pizza Paradiso Mediterranean Grill - Support School Garden Sponsors!

Working under Simpatico Ventures LLC,  Chef Nabavi is a community philanthropist par excellence. His major goal is to get our children connected with healthy eating habits whether it is at school, at home, or in the community. He wants our children to understand where food comes from, what makes food nutritious, and how to grow and prepare it correctly.

Check out more information about his work at his  He has an edible garden in his backyard and is currently building an outdoor kitchen where he is offering monthly cooking classes beginning this fall.  All proceeds from the adult classes are sent to the Maui Food Bank and the money from the kids’ classes go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

The Maui School Garden Network is very pleased to have Chef  Nabavi on the team!

Please contact Lehn Huff about the procedure for being reimbursed for your organic seed purchases for this coming school year.

Send a big Mahalo to Chef Nabavi or stop by one of his restaurants!



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